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Sport at Shirley Boys’ High will provide a platform for students to: have FUN pursue aims of excellence, personal achievement and self-discipline improve self-esteem and sportsmanship establish friendship with other students within the school and beyond meet and get to know teachers beyond the classroom develop leadership and ‘followship’ skills Opportunities will be available in...

Spartans Sport Vision

Shirley Boys’ High School students will achieve personal growth and success through sport and physical activity. We will achieve this vision by: providing opportunities for students to be involved in a broad range of sport and physical activities establishing and maintaining facilities that are suitable for developing a diverse range of sporting skills encouraging students...

Gold Sports Weekly

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Spartan Sports Directory

Spartan Sport Directory
2017 - Sport Registration & Levies, Tournament & Exchange info, Coaches & Managers guide, Compliance.

For all current information regarding Spartan Sport follow the link to the Spartan Sport Directory

Spartans Sport Coaching Handbook

The Spartans sport Handbook is a guide for SBHS coaches and managers. Download here

Sports Development

Sports Development Programme
Students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 are eligible to apply for entry into a specialised Sports Development Programme. 

It is a condition of entry to this programme that the students play their major code/s in a school team (where a team is available).  The programme provides specialised ongoing training for the top sports students, who in turn will form a core of able students in each of the school’s first teams. In the middle of each year, applications are...

The emphasis of the Sport Development programme is to provide an atmosphere within the school in which talented and committed students can pursue excellence in both sport & academic endeavours in a balanced and supportive environment.

Academically, the programme delivers both NCEA Level 1PE standards in Years 10 & 11 as well as IGCSE Physical Education as a means of extension for selected Year 11 students. Both courses offer challenge and rigour to underpin both the practical and theoretical components of sport.

The programme has delivered success to the students selected to the course leading to notable performances both nationally and internationally. The programme not only works to support the success of school teams/competitions but works in conjunction with external coaches to support the students in the wider world of sport. Within the past year students supported by the programme have represented SBHS teams which have placed in the top 10 schools in NZ in volleyball, futsal, rowing as well as the successes in athletics, triathlon, freestyle skiing and boxing.

Selection onto the programme embraces a number of different aspects which include (but are not limited to) performance in chosen sporting discipline, results of fitness testing, results of e-learning testing, feedback from coaches and performance across all school subjects. The programme across all year levels has minimum standards in which students have to meet to maintain their place in the programme.

Year 9 Sports Programme

Incorporating Junior Spartans Programme (JSP)

In recognition of Year 9 students finding it difficult to establish themselves within sport at Shirley Boys High School and fuelled by a desire to have all students active, the school has adopted a policy of compulsory involvement in physical activity for all Year 9 students. Students are required to commit to a minimum of two terms of physical activity. The emphasis will be...


Summer and winter sports teams were formed with the opening of Shirley BHS in 1957. These included athletics, cricket, football, hockey, rowing, rugby, swimming and tennis. As the school roll increased, sports such as golf, shooting and table tennis were added and these later included badminton, canoe polo, cycling, dragon boating, fencing, futsal, ice and in-line hockey, martial arts, mountain biking, squash, surfing, touch, and volleyball.

A rigorous Sports Development Programme offers students NCEA Physical Education Standards from Year 10 onwards and this has led to provincial and national sporting representation for Shirley BHS teams and individuals.

Among these are All Blacks Steve Scott, Craig Green, Chris Jack and Ryan Crotty; volleyballer Hugh McCutcheon, NZOM; cricketers Nathan Astle, Craig McMillan; Black Sticks Bradley and Hayden Shaw. For several years, Shirley BHS dragon boaters were the New Zealand schoolboy champions while the school rowing squad members are regular medal winners at Maadi Cup and other rowing championships.


2016 Honours

Full Honours list here


As spectators of your sons’ sport it is important you promote the fair play charter that is included in this booklet. Whilst one of our pillars at SBHS is around excellence it is not at the expense of respect for our own teams, the opposition, supporters of the opposition and the officials. Please be positive citizens of our community and enhance the experience for ALL those who are participating. You will notice the following signs placed on our fields of play please rember


Gold Sports



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Teacher in charge: Mr R Stocks

Terms: Year round. Competition: Various Shirley Boys High leagues, terms 1 & 4. Friday afternoon Yr9 Competition, terms 2 & 3. Friday night intermediate and senior basketball, terms 1 & 4. Canterbury Basketball Saturday competition, terms 2 & 3. Junior South Island tournament. South Island Premiership qualifying tournament, term 3. National Championships, term 3. Training: Wednesday – outdoors...



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CRICKET (Gold)  
Teacher in charge: Mr D Grocott

Terms: Term 1 & 4. Competition: Canterbury Cricket Association Saturday Competitions for Schoolboys. Training: Weekdays after school at school. Venues: Schools and Council grounds. Uniform: Whites (SBHS cricket cap & shirt may be purchased from the Student Office. Equipment: Players generally provide their own. Some equipment is available if required. Costs: Year 9 $80 Sport Fee (includes SBHS playing shirt and cap)....



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Teacher in charge: Mr D Hay/C Needle

Terms: Terms 1 (pre-season), 2 & 3 (competition). Competition: 5-6 Teams in various Mainland Football Grades from 14th-18th. 3 teams in Regional Sports Director’s Wednesday competition. Training: Tuesdays and Thursdays after school (or other days in negotiation with coaches and players). Venues: SBHS, Burwood Park. Uniform: Playing Shirts and shorts supplied for all teams; boys to provide playing socks from...



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HOCKEY (Gold) 
Teacher in charge: Mr C Ryan

Terms: Term 1 & 4 (beginners JSP 6-aside competition). April 1 to mid Sept (Canterbury Competition). Competition: Canterbury Men’s Grade and Canterbury Youth Grade played on Friday nights or weekends – the actual day depends on the competition. Most Year 9s will be Friday night games. Training: Spartans Sport Turf. Venues: Marist Park at St Bedes and Nunweek Park...



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Rowing (Silver)
Teacher in charge: Mr R Wilson-Pyne

Terms: Row season begins Term 4 for 2014 until the end of Term 1 in 2015 Competition: Lake Hood Pennant, Ashburton. Marlborough Championship, Blenheim. Canterbury Club Championship, Twizel. (Subject to performance) South Island Club Championship, Twizel. (Subject to performance) South Island Secondary Championship, Twizel. Maadi 2015, Lake Karapiro. (Dependant on performance and location). Training: First Year Crews...



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RUGBY (Gold) 
Teacher in charge: Mr C Croft                                                                                  Rugby Administrator: Mr J Fox 

Terms: Terms 1 (1st XV only), 2 & 3. Competition: Crusaders “Press Cup” 1st XV Competition in Terms 2 & 3. Metro JAB Competition for U18 (2nd XV) to U13 teams (Christchurch clubs) in Terms 2 & 3. An U15 Selection competes in South Island Tournament (31st August-3rd Sept). 1st XV if successful would qualify for National...



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Teacher in charge: Ms K Smith

Terms: Terms 1 & 4. Competition: Monday Night Inter-school Competition. Canterbury Secondary School Champs (Senior Term 1 – Junior Term 4). South Island Secondary School Champs (Senior Term 1 – Junior Term 4). New Zealand Secondary School Champs (Term 1 – Palmerston North). Training: JSP volleyball on Monday 3:00pm – 4:00pm. Seniors Wednesday and Friday after school. Juniors...

Silver Sports


Teacher in charge: Ms S McMIllan

Terms: Terms 1 & 4 for JSP Programme. Terms 2 & 3 for competitive play. All Terms for Club Play. Competition: School Sport Canterbury Wednesday after school. Training: Thursday after school in the SBHS Sports Hall. Venues: SBHS Sports Hall. Cowles Stadium, Pioneer Stadium, Various secondary schools. Uniform: Tidy sports gear with clean footwear. Equipment: Rackets and shuttles provided. Own racket...

Canoe Polo

Teacher in charge: Mr Cooper

Terms: Terms 1 & 4 (plus weekend championship competitions in August & December for players in the top teams). Competition: Christchurch Secondary School. Training: To be determined. Venues: Roto Kohatu – Wednesday afternoon to early evening. Uniform: Own swimming togs – SBHS bibs supplied. Equipment: Boat/spray-deck/paddle/buoyancy aid/helmet – all supplied. Costs: $30 Sport Fee. Practices may cost for equipment hire. This will...


FENCING (Silver)
Teacher in charge: 

Terms: Terms 2 and 3. Competition: Championships for local and national secondary school titles, local and national age group titles. Some Christchurch interschool exchanges. If available, a Friday night team event at the Fencing Institute. Training: Wednesday after school 2.45 – 4.00 p.m. Venues: Gym complex. Uniform: PE uniform and sports shoes. Track pants are desirable. Glove for protecting weapon...


FUTSAL (Silver)  
Teacher in charge: Mr T Davies

Terms: Terms 1 & 4 for JSP Programme. Term 1 for Mainland Competition Competition: Competitive play within our own school. Mainland (Canterbury) National Secondary Schools Training: To be advised. Venues: Spartans Sport Turf. Mainland – various Christchurch venues Nationals – Wellington Uniform: JSP – PE gear and suitable footwear Mainland – Shirt and shorts provided (socks to be purchased separately)....


Golf (Silver) 
Teacher in charge:  

Terms: Year round Competition: Various Shirley Boys High School competitions. Wednesday interschool competition when available. Canterbury Secondary Schools Stroke and Match Play Championships. Training: Tuesday after school for beginners. Wednesday after school for all players. Mon – Friday: access to Christchurch Golf Clubs Practice range. Venues: Christchurch Golf Club. Various courses for competitions. Uniform: Tidy school uniform or approved golf...


KARATE-DO (Silver) 
Teacher in charge: Mr B Wells

Terms: Year round. Competition: To be advised. Training: Mon and Wed. Venues: Hartley gym. Uniform: Karate gi. Equipment: Karate gi. Costs: $40.00 Sport Fee per term. International Karate Registration $ 90 (for those who wish to gain international gradings).

Paddle Sports

Teacher in charge: Mr R Stocks

Incorporating Dragon Boating and Waka Ama Terms: Year round training, with main competitions in Terms 1 & 4. Competition: Local regattas throughout summer including South Island Champs. National Championships in both sports. Training: Various days in Term 1 and 4 but generally Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.00am. Venues: Avon River from Owles Terrace jetty for training....


SEVENS (Silver)
Teacher in charge: Mr P Dixon Rugby                                                           Administrator: Mr J Fox 

Terms: Term 1&4 Competition: CRFU organised tournaments for boys U18. Winner of Canterbury Championship will represent the region at Condor 7’s in Auckland in December. Occasionally other grades at separate invitational tournaments. Training: SBHS, Shirley Intermediate, Richmond Park or Burwood Park Venues: CRFU allocates grounds around Christchurch for weekly competition. Uniform: Jersey provided. Boys provide shorts, socks, boots and mouth-guard....


SQUASH (Silver) 
Teacher in charge: TBA

Terms: Year round. Year 9 JSP programme in Terms 1 – 4. Competition in Term 2 & 3. Coaching and training in all terms. Competition: Wednesday afternoon Inter-school in terms 2 & 3. Canterbury, South Island and National Sec. School champs for the top team, if good enough. Training: Wednesday or Thursday after school. Venues: Christchurch Squash Club. Players...

Table Tennis

Teacher in charge: Mrs I Williamson

Terms: Year round for Table Tennis Club. Terms 1 & 4 Year 9 JSP programme. Terms 2 & 3 Christchurch inter-secondary school competition. Competition: Wednesday afternoon inter-secondary school competition. Training: Lunchtimes for Year 9 JSP players. Coaching on Tuesday after school for club players. Venues: Spartans Room. Table Tennis Canterbury Hall on Blenheim Road for inter-secondary competitions. Uniform: Shirley Boys’...

Target Shooting

Teacher in charge: Mr C Croft           

Terms: All Terms. Competition: Various competitions within the club. Training: Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Hartley Gym. Venues: Hartley Gym. Uniform: Nil. Equipment: All equipment and ammunition provided. Costs: $40 Sport Fee. Year 9 JSP shooters may shoot during one term for $15. If they elect to continue they must pay the balance of the $40 Sport Fee.


TENNIS (Silver)
Teacher in charge: Ms E Wilson/ R Johnson

Terms: Terms 1 & 4. Competition: Year 9 JSP programme on Tuesday afternoons. Inter-school competition on Wednesday afternoons. Interschool exchange in term 1. Term Four has interschool championship for top players. Training: Most students have training with clubs. No school training. Venues: Shirley BHS courts or other school courts. Transport to other schools is arranged. Uniform: Tidy house/PE uniform. Equipment: Students...


TOUCH (Silver)
Teacher in charge: Ms J Jennings

Terms: Terms 1 & 4. Competition: Wednesday afternoon 3pm (2x 20 min halves). Training: TBA with coaches. JSP programme Wednesday afterschool. Venues: Burwood Park, South Hagley and various school grounds. Uniform: SBHS PE shorts and tops. Equipment: Touch boots or suitable sport shoes. Costs: $40.00 Sport Fee. JSP programme No Charge.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking (Bronze) 
Teacher in charge: Mr P Beswick 

Terms: Year round – weather and track condition dependant Competition: South Island Secondary Schools Championships – Term 1 Huxter School Relay – Term 1 Other MTB events to be notified. Training: TBA. Venues: Bottle Lake Forest, Port Hills, McLeans Island. Uniform: Own gear for training. Tops provided for competitions. Equipment: Own bike and safety equipment (helmet compulsory, gloves, clipless shoes etc...

Bronze Sports


Teacher in charge: 

Terms: Term 1: Shirley Boys’ High School Athletic Champs. Christchurch Secondary Schools Championships. South Island Secondary Schools Championships. Term 4: New Zealand Athletics and Road Race Championships. Competition: As above. Training: Boys are encouraged to train with their local clubs. Weights room is available for resistance training. Venues: Venue(s) to be advised for School, Christchurch, South Island and National...

Cross Country

Teacher in charge: Mr J Fox

Terms: Term 2. Competition: SBHS Cross Country Championship. Canterbury Secondary Schools Road Race Championship. Canterbury Secondary Schools Cross Country Championship. New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Championship. Training: Nothing organised by SBHS. Most competitors train with their own athletics clubs and coaches. Venues: SBHS locale for school championship. Hagley Park and Halswell Quarry for Canterbury Championships. NZ Cross Country...

Ice Hockey

ICE HOCKEY (Bronze) 
Teacher in charge: Mr S Garland

Terms: Terms 2 & 3. Competition: Friday evening/Saturday morning. Training: TBA – one day per week. Venues: Alpine Ice Arena – Brougham Street. Equipment: Own equipment essential. Costs: Payment is on a per game basis. Tournament teams will have extra costs associated with Regional and National events.

Road Cycling

Teacher in charge: Mr Searle

Terms: Terms 2 & term 3 for competition and team training rides. Competition: Canterbury Schools Cycling Points Championship (Wednesday racing) South Island Secondary School Champs (July). Cudden Tour in Blenheim (September) Wednesday ‘Blue Dog Events’ Ruapuna – first three months of year. Training: To be determined. Venues: Taitapu (Old Taitapu Road) and Ruapuna Raceway. Uniform: Own gear for training. School...

Road Racing

Teacher in charge: Mr Searle

Terms: Terms 2 & term 3 for competition and team training rides. Competition: Canterbury Schools Cycling Points Championship (Wednesday racing) South Island Secondary School Champs (July). Cudden Tour in Blenheim (September) Wednesday ‘Blue Dog Events’ Ruapuna – first three months of year. Training: To be determined. Venues: Taitapu (Old Taitapu Road) and Ruapuna Raceway. Uniform: Own gear for training. School...

Sport Climbing

Teacher in charge: Ms M Herlihy

Terms: Year round. Competition: Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition. South Island Secondary Schools Competition. National Competition. Training: Every Wednesday 3pm – 5pm and one other optional day Venues: The Roxx Climbing Centre, 239 Waltham Road, Waltham. Competitions – some are held at YMCA Christchurch. Uniform: School shirt and tracksuit available for competitions. Equipment: Climbing harness and shoes available for hire from both...


SURFING (Bronze) 
Teacher in charge: TBA

Terms: Term 1 & 4. Competition: Interschool competitions when available (Kings exchange); Points from Wednesday scholastics totalled for overall winner(s). Training: Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm. Venues: New Brighton beach; (School trip Magnet Bay or Hickory Bay). Uniform: Wetsuit. Equipment; Surfboard, wetsuit. Costs: Nil.


SWIMMING (Bronze)  
Teacher in charge: Mrs K Dell-Hartgers

Terms: Term 1 SBHS Swimming Championship Christchurch Inter-secondary School Championship. Term 2 South Island Secondary Schools Championship Term 3 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championship Competition: As above Training: Boys are encouraged to train with their local clubs. Weights room is available for resistance training. Venues: To be advised. Uniform: SBHS swim caps are available from School. Equipment: Normal swim equipment. Costs: No...

Trap Shooting

Teacher in charge: TBA

Terms: Terms 3 & 4. Trap shooting is dependent on the assistance of Fish and Game providing coaches and equipment. This is an introduction to the sport and is aimed at those students who are new to Clay bird shooting. Competition: Annual shoot between 3 schools. Training: Dependent on range availability. Venues: NZ Handloaders range or Christchurch Gun Club....