Enrolment Process and Fees

Below you will find information about the enrolment process and our prospectus contains a wide choice of subjects.

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Parent/Guardian/Agent to complete the application form and return this to Shirley Boys’ High School, together with copies (in English) of the prospective student’s latest academic reports and any references he may have. If it is found that information relevant to the enrolment of the student has been withheld by the Parents/Agent/Guardian (for example, having been asked to leave another school), Shirley Boys’ High School reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrolment with no entitlement to a refund.

If the student is accepted by Shirley Boys’ High School, an offer of place will be passed by Shirley Boys’ High School to the Parent/Guardian/Agent. The offer will remain open for one month from the date of issue. No guarantee of a place can be provided after one month.

Acceptance of the Offer of Place will be confirmed by payment of a full year’s Tuition Fee (International Student Fees 2019) by the Parent/Guardian/Agent either by:

  • Bank draft (in NZ dollars) made out to Shirley Boys’ High School; or
  • Telegraphic transfer (bank account details are included on the invoice sent with the Offer of Place)

A Tuition Fees Receipt will be forwarded to Parent/Guardian/Agent by fax/courier/post.

At the current time it is necessary to approach a NZ Embassy in order to obtain a student visa for entry into New Zealand. The originals, photocopy or fax of the Offer of Place and the Tuition Fees receipt must accompany your visa application. A valid passport is also required.

Please find our Refund Policy

If you are interested in studying at our school, please complete the International student application form.

Enquiries to:  Sue Nesbit, phone +64 3 375 7057 ext 216 or smn@shirley.school.nz