Welcome to Shirley Boys’ High School

Shirley Boys’ High School is a large secondary school where boys are provided with a myriad of experiences. When these experiences are coupled with advice and guidance from parents and teachers, boys leave childhood behind and become young men. This has been our mission in the past and it is not going to change in the future.

So what about the future?

The Minister of Education has said Shirley Boys’ High School is to be rebuilt close to the site of the 1974 Commonwealth Games, and the government intends to spend upwards of $40 million building a 21st Century school for boys.

Our brand new school will continue to serve the needs of students committed to single sex education. Our culture and ethos will not change, just the facilities, which will provide excellent opportunities for academic, sporting and cultural learning. When you see our current school, consider the strength of our culture and ethos and imagine it transplanted into a new school in the next three years.

It is our expectation that the 2017 Year 9 students will be moving to their new school by their NCEA Level 1 year. The prospect of that happening excites us all.


At SBHS, students are grouped by House (Aoraki, Blake, Mullins and Snell) with approximately 300 in each house. Established in 2004, the house groups were named after famous New Zealanders who excelled in areas such as leadership, physical endeavour, academic excellence, environmental and cultural awareness, all closely linked to the SBHS values.

Form Classes

Form Classes are arranged vertically with Year 9-13 students in each. They are named after the Form Class Tutor, who for timetable purposes has a three letter code which is usually their initials (last name, first name in uppercase) and the first letter of their House group (lowercase) eg John Smith of Aoraki house would be SJa.

CV Gallagher Trust

CV Gallagher Trust named after the first Headmaster, the objective of this Trust is to provide amenities of all kinds for the benefit of the students. Donations are invested and the income is used for school projects.

Contact – Mr Tony Deavoll (Chairperson)

Old Boys Association

Students leaving school are encouraged to join the Old Boys Association to retain and foster the friendships and contacts developed at school. Any Old Boy who is not on the email distribution list should contact the school to update his contact details. Please go to the Old Boys page for the latest news.

PTA committee

The PTA committee meets monthly in the staffroom, usually on the first Thursday at 7.00pm.

Meeting dates and contact information can be found on the PTA page.